by Id



Id make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new EP entitled "Tinieblas". Hailing from Austin Texas, Id formed in 2012 and play a pummeling mix of early 90's New York and Floridian Death Metal, with inspiration from Scandinavian artists. Technical, brutal and catchy, "Tinieblas" is a crushing aural journey that completely destroys the listener. Not for the weak! This is the 6th entry in the Price Slasher series that delivers high quality sickness at the lowest price possible. For fans of Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Disincarnate, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Morbid Angel, Origin and Suffocation


released November 18, 2016

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Track Name: Moth
I see the light
I progress toward
Burning my sight and my wings as I fall from grace
Dormant we are to remain
Many before us have been known to fail

We see their bodies rotten and stale
Stare into their eyes as we await our time
Dusty and musty, chewing away, next in line

Continuously hammered by filthy claws of sin
The atmosphere shakes my form
Time stands still as my body gives from within

Burning from the inside, Too close to the light

Brute force and heat have taken the best of us
Along I proceed with their particles covering me
As I go on, partts of me become particles of me
Onward through the dust, smoke, and wind

I fall from grace once more

Wings turning to ash, my body falls
Betrayed by the promise of glory
Last to die among my tortured kind
Pain, despair, and death devouring

My soul parts way to a new life
Track Name: Hija De Las Tinieblas
Somewhere there exists a woman who walks with no shadow
Dragging her feet across a room with no floor
Her sight reaches beyond the bounds of time
But there is only emptiness where there should be eyes

Hija de las Tinieblas, tu risa no me espanta
Tienes forma diabolica, pero alma de santa
Hija de las tinieblas, sin miedo de digo
Como el fuego se apaga con el viento, asi mismo morrias conmigo

Cascading darkness caps her nightmare filled head
Her dress woven from threads of screams and fear

Her skin the ash of a thousand eternities burned
Her muscles hate, anger, and despair

Her bones the pillars of everything that could ever be
Her blood the agitated voices of those who cannot speak

She stares at us through mirrors
I feel her presence, but she is never there

Hija de las Tinieblas, tu risa no me espanta
Tienes forma diabolica, pero alma de santa
Hija de las tinieblas, sin miedo de digo
Como el fuego se apaga con el viento, asi mismo morrias conmigo
Track Name: Jukai
Aokigahara, forever enveloped in myth
The final place of rest to those who welcome their last breath
Serpentine paths like veins flow through the depths of the evergreens
The sea of trees sways with waves of blood and tears

In the distance, echoing shrieks of pain
Tortured minds, weakened bodies give in

Making my ascent, the old tree reeks of death
Its jagged bark relentlessly tears flesh
Reaching the highest branch, my heard heavy with despair
The noose nicely tightened, I leap right off the edge

Horrors from the past whistle through the leaves
Jukai screams, the terror rings
Left behind
Alone and forgotten falling through the mist
A sudden stop, a snapping shock

Aokigahara, forever enveloped in myth
The final resting place to those who welcome their last breath
Leaving the earthly realm once and for all
Walking now among them, the specter welcomes me

Ancient Spirits surrounding me
Ghosts of the insane, the old, and the infirm
Left to die throughout the years along with those who lost all hope
Rotting slowly with the roots or swinging from their ropes
Jukai screams
The terror rings
Haunting from within the sea of trees
Track Name: Altar Of Extinction
A world lit only by fire
Civilization now a myth and lore
Temples to rubble
Turn to ash, dust, and stone
The gods just hang their heads
Saddened by the greed and the abuse and the annihilation

Thinking of what could of been, the sorrow burns too deep
But Creation knew better than to intervene
Any good left in their souls was slowly eclipsed
By the savage impulse that would carry them to their end

No hope, no resurrection, no penance, no salvation
Creation on its knees
The taste of blood still lingering, it holds the corpses of its children
then throws them to the hounds

Death waits patiently from the other side of the grave
It knows Creation's intentions and readies in the welcoming void

Erase it all
No use restoring what this has become
To destroy a world, its creator must first destroy himself
And so, it shall be

In a final fit of anger creation breaks his neck
Viciously tearing at himself, anguished to the end

Angels grieve in silence as the heavens sing their ode to cruelty
The severed head of all creation falls to the altar of total extinction